Be a Princess on Prom Night

What a fantastic evening! All the mums could do is stand around looking at these divine princesses emerging in dress after dress looking more stunning than the dress before – There were over 70 different styles to choose from which actually made it very difficult to choose the best dress.

Any experienced prom dress purchasers out there you should pass on this is not a quick whip into town or a click of the mouse; we are all different shapes and sizes and you need to make sure you have time to to get the right dress, shoes accessories and then make sure you have a dressmaker on standby for last minute alterations.

A big thank you to Debbie from Hairworks who came along on the evening giving advice on how to wear your hair and Sara Woodhouse from Beauty Within to discuss make up: Thank you to the Talbot who hosted the evening and finally to Leah Hopkinson our photographer.

Here we have a few girls modelling just a few of the styles which we were lucky to have from AFTERSHOCK for a limited time only, returning these samples back Tuesday 2nd February.