Fizz, Food and Fashion at Langshott Manor

Reclaiming Elegance

Here at jojo’s we were delighted to be involved in hosting a fashion show at Langshott Manor.  The theme was all about reclaiming elegance particularly with many people telling us they love dressing up, but rarely have the chance to do so.   We live in an increasingly casual world, where comfort seems to have taken priority.  The event was held at beautiful Langshott Manor with a lunch and the fashion show.  All clothes were modelled by five ‘real’ women and we did reclaim elegance!

The style encompassed a mix of British, local and unique premium brands. Along with wearing fabulous clothes, the models were made to feel extra special with the magic touch of Claire Wallace who did their hair and makeup.  And the food? Simply delicious, especially the chocolatey dessert 😉

It was a really special day and everyone had a great time.