I Spy At Buckingham Palace!

I spy at Buckingham Palace: Jo’s Amazing Day!
Brimming with excitement, we were escorted through the front gates of Buckingham Palace, with the tourists gazing on, at the many hundreds of chosen people to join the Queen of England for Tea in her Garden.

An occasion like no other to dress up and look our best – little did anyone know I was there eagle-eyed mixing and mingling with the crowd making notes on the army of stiletto shod women with their all important hat and dress choices for the day!

My first observation was how lovely the young beautiful women looked with large, silk floral printed 1950’s dresses dropping to just above the knee. Bow waisted belts and black wide brimmed hats – very Audrey Hepburn.

I spied a number of NANCY MAC dresses. The Kirsten lace dresse in different colours, and a few Gabrielle dresses, with a Eugenie. It was a proud moment to see dresses designed by local girls from Brighton!

One lady looked stunning in a mess stripe dress in all sorts of blues, the perfect dress for hiding any lumps and bumps.  I recognised this dress from this summer’s Sandwich collection and the lady dressed in this very reasonably priced dress with a huge navy hat and heels to take it to another level. Just right!

I managed to get a few sneeky pictures of ladies wearing hats – images reveal far more than words sometimes!  There were significantly more hats than fascinators. Even those who did plump for the fascinator, chose ones that looked far more like a hat in size and shape. There was a wonderful number of wide brimmed plain black, or black and white (rocking the monochrome trend) with the odd exceptions of scarlett or vivid blue.

Outfits were either black and white, bold florals or big prints. For those slightly more retiring softer florals fitted the bill.

My favourite discovery (which has really inspired me) were beautiful statement coats – This is a summer example from Noa Noa long linen coat.

How lovely the ladies looked; absolutely effortless, elegant and stunning in a simple uncluttered statement coat, hat and heels. A necessary extravagance for any future Garden Party, Wedding or visit to Ascot, Henley or Glyndebourne!