In the Pink

Pink is normally a colour I balk at – I hate it in every form from baby pink to the darker hues (well I suppose baby pink with black is OK) and then arrived AVA cashmere.

A sort of coral pinkish hue, hard to describe really but my husband quickly picked up a jumper and said – LOVE you in this and bought it. I am speechless.
Since then I have had comments made such as “oh you look well”, “have you been away?” You look 10 years younger? and many more; my goodness all such lovely comments even when I am not wearing any makeup which is saying something.

Wearing my coral salmon pink jumper has been rather a surprise for both me and my with wardrobe because suddenly this shot of colour is worn every day with just about every colour jeans I have – grey, black, navy, white, cream – even my weird and wonderful moss green ones which have been kicking around in the back hidden for ages.

If this colour is knocking years off me, without the aid of any makeup or a touch of lippy; then there must be something right about the colour theory everyone talks about so
grabbing my Colour me beautiful app – I find this colour and work backwards – it tells me I am a SOFT (soft Summer or soft Autumn) trawling through the house of colour wallets the colour of my Pink jumper which everyone is raving about is No 35 in the summer wallet No 18 in the winter wallet?? Whatever my jumper is – it works and I am tickled PINK that it does.