Jean Genie

We wear jeans more than any other item of clothing we have in our wardrobe – and we have high expectations! Are they up to the job of making us look fab most days of the week? Budget is by far one of the largest factors to think about when buying a pair of jeans but there are other things to think of as well. How long will they keep their shape, will they bag at the knee or keep dropping down, can I get a pair to suit my body shape?

Some time ago NyD jeans revolutionised the way we think of jeans and made us look as though we have been exercising for years – now there are many brands who have taken this concept and developed it further offering more and cheaper versions.

If you are thinking about investing this spring you might like to look at four of our favourite brands we pay homage to:
Amazing Woman jeans are higher in the waist and are equipped to deal with those of us who need holding in just a little, we select colours for jeans to be dyed to match our collections so it all becomes effortless when putting a look together.

OUI jeans, in terms of fit are the Creme De La Creme and you will not notice the work your jeans are doing for you. Chic super stylish jeans in various different shapes for the lady who wants to look like she has super skinny legs. For those who carry more on the thighs ….they are certainly worth trying out (pictured below).

SALSA jeans, with further advanced engineering to hold your bottom up as well and your tummy in and with movement build in around the waistband.

SANDWICH have also joined up with the super league introducing a more casual jeggings to their collections.
For further information come and try a few pairs on this spring and see what works wonders for you.