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NEW Ava Cashmere – Coming Very Soon

Ava Cashmere is a new 100% cashmere knitwear range exclusively made for JoJo’s. We’re SO excited about its arrival as we think it’s a fresh and innovative take on cashmere. We’re sure you’re going to love it!

This Cashmere has been sourced by a team who have travelled the world to try to give you the very best in cashmere quality and design and we are pleased we can now bring it to you at a very affordable price. We all know Cashmere is a luxury product which is an ultimate wardrobe investment. Here at JoJo’s we’ve been looking to work with a respectable British brand to develop our very own collection – and we’ve found them! EXCLUSIVE to us and offering the very best quality we can find; we are delighted to launch our AVA Cashmere collection here at the Boutique and online this November.

It is quite well known recently that our market has been flooded by mass produced cashmere from China: The yarn is too short, has been over processed to make it feel fluffy and super soft to touch, and to save on production costs each garment is dyed after it is made up. All these elements mean your garment will bobble, be damaged when washing and not last so long: Regulations abroad also means a garment can have 100% cashmere label on it when it is a blended product.

We have designed our signature collection with YOU in mind – our edit of some effortlessly sexy and classic “best friends” in a palette of neutrals being most flattering to work with everything you have. We hope you like our product as much as we do. It will be available in November. Keep your eye on our website and be the first to own a piece!