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Sandwich Buying Trip for Summer 2015

Take a look at the attention to detail in the new Sandwich range.  We love the patterned back on what might have been a very plain blouse; we love the huey pinks and the calm blues; we love the scarfs that just finish every outfit off and we love the sunglasses that are just such fun! Roll on summer next year, we can’ wait for it to arrive!

Let us introduce you to the Sandwich Design Philosophy

Everyday beauty design philosophy
Sandwich is fashion to be worn in the everyday. Like the everyday, it has surprise and beauty layered within. This everyday beauty outlook is characterised with clothes that place importance on style that’s authentic, down-to-earth but still engrained with extraordinary elements, just like life.
The woman who wears Sandwich also sees the everyday differently. She sees its beauty morning, noon and night. She knows that the everyday is amazing and finds evidence for this everywhere.

Part of our design inspiration comes from this woman and from the beauty she experiences, everyday. From the tangy taste of a pear, to watching soft rose light touching treetops, beauty appears unexpectedly. The inspiration present in these moments can be seen, felt and made into beautiful pieces that love to be worn, as our designers demonstrate.

Our designers also know that the unexpected element is very important. Life’s surprises – those things that happen while we’re busy making other plans. Each Sandwich piece has intricate and surprising details called ‘the Sandwich Twist’ that reflect this. Whether a ruched stitch, an asymmetrical hem, or an innovative tailored tweak, the Sandwich Twist brings to each piece the individuality and uniqueness of life itself.

From the outset the design team have used thoroughly researched and innovative techniques to realise this everyday beauty philosophy. They still use these, together with quality fabrics, dyes and yarns to create clothes that remain from day to night, season to season, year on year, surprising.

Our philosophy is simple: every day and every moment should be lived to the full in clothes that are there with us. Life is full of colour and beauty, every day.
“The twists on our clothes are like a treat. The whole outfit is great, but look closely and find details to make you look even more gorgeous.”