Bolt into the Blue – why cobalt is THE Spring 2016 Colour!

What colour jumps out at you from every catwalk for Spring 2016?  From Chanel, via Versace and ending up at jojo’s – here is the colour you need to inject into your wardrobe!

We have mere splashes of it …  Seen in our Oui knitted coat with its gorgeous lining and Oui printed spot scarf.0051808-0575_fr0052045-0571

And then a slightly stronger dose … our Inwear Fenja Dress and Oui Double Face Knit Stripe Tunic



Or even a complete dose …  Oui Nautical Blouse, Sandwich Fresh Indigo Blazer or the Inwear Cimmie Dress0051585-5358_fr2500100140092_i30100577

Want a nod to the hottest catwalk trend, just head to jojo’s (Oh and if cobalt blue doesn’t do it for you, we have lots of other beautiful colours too!)

cobalt blue


cobalt blue2