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Freshest New Arrivals Just In

Stock is still pouring through the door here at jojo’s and as the weather warms up, we hope we’re not being too optimistic in getting excited about all our high summer stock.  We have gorgeous dresses, whether for the beach, every day, a garden party or a wedding. f7647d2b-bcf7-4c56-9342-1eeceb30da8e Stunning blouses and tops that you can throw on with white jeans or trousers are all the rage this summer.  So quick to put together an outfit and then all you need is some great sandals or … 0872f750-0b0c-4f06-b044-e1dcd80d74cc  

Paul Green trainers of course!

fe43845f-6ad6-480b-b891-4dfcbfe07288 Sandwich is one of our – and our customer’s – favourite brands.  Much attention is given to detailing, patterns, the fit and making sure each item has something ‘a bit different’ about it. fd1a4e56-8f46-4a38-b6b3-0c5c9051dd87

And finally – Inwear.  The newest brand to jojo’s that we are just thrilled with.


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