Top 10 Fashion Trends In 2021 That You Must Know.

Fashion Trends 1

Shops and Boutiques will be opening soon so lets have a round up of what the best 10 Fashion Trends are comming up for Spring Summer 2021 :-

Fashion Trend 10 – Midriff Flossing

Brace yourselves and please dont shoot the messenger. This is reputed to be the sexist Fashion Trend for Summer 2021 – new erotica zone is the stomach (collective groan) Bralettes are back, Fifties inspired, flirty or plain. Midriff Crossing which is a series of crossovers across open midriff as well as Cut outs Dresses and tops which show off the midriff. If that has not shocked you into the gym you will be glad Corsets are making a revival

midriff flossing
midriff flossing

Fashion Trend 9 – Oversized Jackets

Oversized double breasted jacket with shoulder pads is another Fashion Trend look to watch out for – The Vintage Boyfriend jackets have become super cool and this time round are best in a soft pastel colour.

Fashion Trend 8. The Maxi Dress

Overall its long, long and sweeping long the Fashion trends for the Maxi is still very strong for 2021. This seasons maxi dresses are more Floaty and Feminine soft and romantic and many are tiered. Wear with trainers or boots and oversized sweater or boyfriend jackets.

PartTwo Hoang maxi dress 30306084

Fashion Trend 7. Cropped Cardigan

Designers have reinvented the cardigan in a multitude of stylish ways and the latest fashion trend of cropped cardigans is making it a must-have in any closet. Short, boyfriend as we head into spring, the cardigan is back. This vintage-inspired trend was kicked off among higher-end brands and this trend is worn with jeans or over a midi dress. Buttoned up on its own or cami underneath and ideally with a pair of vintage wide leg jeans.

InWear Lerke crop cardi in light blue 30106141

Fashion Trend 6. Stripes

This is a HUGE MASSIVE comback is one of 2021 biggist Fashion trends. Not just the navy blue or black and white nautical or classic breton – but the stripe effect is a stripe extravaganza – using stripes in bold bright colours or stripes which Exude High Fashion. Love this Fashion Trend and inject a bit of alright and 70’s drama back into your wardrobe.

Luella Cashmere Cielle Jumper Pink 2
Luella Cashmere Cielle Jumper Pink 2

Fashion Trend 5. Monocrome is BACK

Everywhere you look this season, take note the route to a stylish 2021 wardrobe is MONOCROME. Add colour with accessories but stay super cool buy Black and White. You can wear all black, or all white, or both. Channel made this a signature colour renowned for being timeless, classic and in a whole league of its own.

PartTwo Chania Black linen dress 30305175

Fashion Trend 4. 7/8 Wide leg Jeans

Also known as the Mom Jeans. They are very high waisted and relaxed wide leg cropped to the ankle the length is 7/8. They are back after a 40 year absence and still look as good today as they did then. Part Two have smashed it with their Hela Jeans. Light blue denim or in Vintage Grey. Wear with trainers, High Top Trainers, flats, or for a sexy look wear heels.

PartTwo Hela jean lifestyle 30305848

Fashion Trend 3. Bubblegum Pink

A message coming in loud and clear for all those girls who love PINK is your prayers have finally been answered and you will be in heaven for spring 2021. This fun refreshing Fashion Trend from hot fushia pink, bubblegum pink and down to the softer creamer pinks your wardrobes are in for a long overdue injection.

Luella Remi pink cashmere sweater with stripe

Fashion Trend 2. The Puff Sleeve

The Puff Sleeve is the second most dominant Fashion Trend of 2021 – Turn up the volume it is voluptious, romantic and there is no escaping the puff sleeve is the fashion trend taking centre stage.

PartTwo Harleen puff sleeve shirt white 30305897

Fashion Trend 1. The Tiered dress

The perfect summer dress is something loose and airy yet still is slightly structured. The Jewel in the crown for 2021 is The Tiered dress comes in an array of colours, fabrics and lengths and is adaptable from day to night. Just forget how much weight you may have gained in all these lockdowns; instead embrase our new freedoms accept every invitaion and pick up one of this seasons dress from PartTwo and swish you way through weddings, parties or holidays.

PartTwo summer dress 1 1