Mastering The Art of Loungewear you will Absolutely Love

So how easy is it to master the art of looking stylish in loungewear? Once confined to wearing at home, but bring on lockdown, it was not going to be too long before you could wear loungewear outside. Just a few years ago it was unthinkable to wear trainers with dresses and now its just the new mainstay. Designers looked at reconsidering Loungewear bringing the concept of leisure back into our wardrobes. Looks which transcends trend cycles and not attributed to a particular season alone.

Inspired by effortless comfort a look was founded which blurred the lines between fashion culture and comfort. Affordable and a guilt free wardrobe, you can find a way of getting the very most of every item you purchase. The key to keeping your sporty outfits polished is to hone in on one sports-inspired piece in particular. Remember how we all are wearing couture dresses with trainers? with this look try an oversized sweatshirt with jeans, or an oversized hoodie with jeans and smart jacket or coat. A look which has emerged as something of a model-off-duty uniform – and one that boasts just the right amount of varsity attitude.

How To Mix your Loungewear Styles To Create a Fashion Forward Look

By mixing styles which are super basic and comfortable but somehow look put together in a fresh and cool look. Many brands have been stepping into luxe sportswear mixing loungewear items with their favorite coat or jacket. Stylist features a few great tips and have been stepping into luxe sportwear offerings such as stripes down the outide of joggers and with branded logos. However is you really want to nail this new loungewear trend it is all a matter of simplicity and balance. For instance mastering the jersey sweatpants look will be very chic when paired ortwith an oversized blazer and heels. A hoodie over a white shirt jeans and trainers. So its about mixing up individual pieces of a different personality.

One of my favorite loungewear looks is to pull on jogger pants, hightop trainers, hoodie and a sleek taylored jacket – it takes you anywhere and you will look great when you are out and about.

We are about to re-enter a new Era of a 90’s Denim Trend

Denim trend for 2024 has introduced the classic straight and the baggy which are now appearing on the high streets. Jeans are a timeless wardrobe staple and feature in every womans capsule wardrobe but this coming year we have seen a few addional silhouettes for you to take note such as baggy and classic Bazar feature a full review of the new and upcomming trends.

During the 70’s Bell Bottoms and flared jeans dominated; mom jeans dominated the 90’s and 2000’s skinny low rise denim was the dominant style.

Indigo, grey and black jeans are becoming steadily more popular, a high waisted classic straight cut looks and feels dressy and complement both neutral and bright shades. A taylored jeans pants are also a key denim trend as we re-enter our new era of 90’s inspired jeans this year.

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Celebrate Oui in Style and get ready to turn heads this Valentines Day

oui heart dress 85829 1
LOVE heart little red dress by OUI

Discover the fabulous OUI Red Collection

The range of clothes includes fresh new looks in the latest colours and trends. This latest collection is fabulous, fun and elegant and gives us a new twist on the little red dress and delivering a mood boosting collection in the hottest colour of the season. Tops, dresses and beautiful sweaters enhance your current wardrobe with a pop of colour and take you from day to night. Flattering red hues in soft and luxurious fabrics with fresh and modern styling and attention to detail is second to none.

Wearing Red gives you a mood boosting a confidence bump

Wearing Red brings authority, confidence and positive energy to your outfit so It is the perfect colour to wear out for any occassion and can be worn in countless ways. Why not Embrace wearing red this season and transmit energy, bravery, passion and love. Red is a mood boosting colour also set to be one of the hottest colours this season.

Red is an absolute wardrobe essential and one of the hottest colours to wear this season.

We were thrilled to see how Oui has embraced one of the hottest looks, fresh, fun and using the latest on trend colour. Say goodbye to Barbie pink, the hottest colour for 2024 (and our favourite colour, naturally) is vibrant red. Go bold and wear top-to-toe, or just as a surprising flash of brightness with an accessorising bag or shoes. It’s the perfect pairing with rich cocoa and soft cream tones. What better way can we deliver the perfect on trend wardrobe.

Update your Wardrobe to Achieve the Successful Style Results you Desire.

There comes a time when we all need to take a refreshed look in our wardrobe. It could be the start of a new season, if our body shape has changed or just entering a new phase in our lives – you will know when you need a Wardrobe Refresh. We are delighted to Stock our latest brand MY ESSENTAL WARDROBE which features and specialises in key styles.

Spring or Autumn seems to be the time to have that major wardrobe refresh we have been thinking about for a while. All of us want to wear clothes which reflect who we are so during our buying sessions I take the time to try on all the styles and make sure we have done the first and most important Edit.

How to declutter your wardrobe for best results

Choose a day to empty out your wardrobe and cupboards and put your favorites in one pile for a closer inspection. If you’re brave enough to admit which pieces just don’t make you feel anything, you’ll cut a lot of the excess out of your wardrobe. After all, it’s better to have few pieces that you truly feel beautiful and like yourself in.

Do you have a dress that’s unraveling at the hem, sweaters that are piling, cardigans with little holes along the back? Maybe sandals with scuffed toes, or pants that just don’t fit right anymore? When you notice those details then the chances are other people will notice those details as well.

Its pointless giving unworn outdated clothes free rent in your wardrobe. Trends always are changing and if these trends return, there is always something a little different second time around or more importantly you have changed-  that makes a big difference.

Having dialled down on your wardrobe, you will see the colours and styles you are wearing on a regular basis, and where you need to reinvest to complete your wardrobe refresh to make it modern, efficient and wearable.

Keeping the Colour Simple is the key to a successful capsule Wardrobe

Colours come and go a in fashion; but when you are thinking of a complete wardrobe refresh it is best to consider colour. It’s worth finding key styles buying them in various muted colours such as black, grey, white and beige. When investing, think about buying high quality pieces and look into staple t-shirts and tops that aren’t see through or opaque. This will make outfits look more expensive.

What are the most important items for your Wardrobe Refresh

So lets take a look at some of the key items you need.

In essence it really means a few key items which are your main “go to items” which you will wear more than the rest of your wardrobe. To invest in your Capsule Wardrobe is a great way of saving money in the long time, wear clothes which fit you well, makes you feel great brings you many benefits as well as economical sense. You dont need to hold onto clothes as its about buying and wearing sensible decisions.

The best new style jeans for your capsule wardrobe

Everywoman has a pair of jeans in her wardrobe and these days there are so many types and shapes out there, you will find a pair of jeans to flatter any figure, from skinny, relaxed, straight leg, boot cut, flares, the boyfriend. High waist and Low. So how do you go about finding the perfect pair? With too much choice out there it is bewildering to know what to do. It is best to narrow the choice down to what cut and fit suits your body shape and go from there.

The very skinny low rise is out of fashion right now; thank goodness as it has been quite a challenge! High waist Mom Jeans which are enjoying a revival along with high waist straights and flares which is great news and will definately give you a more relevant look. Personally I am loving the high waisted 70’s retro flare.

A neutral blouse or shirt is always the best Wardrobe choice

Keeping most of your wardrobe blouses or shirts in a neutral colour allows for your key colours to stand out. To find a classic shirt or blouse is another investment for your capsule wardrobe.

Having a Classic Blazer or Jacket you love is always a good style choice

To finish off your outfits to put on a classic jacket or blazer always gives the impression you have made an effort. One way to update your look is to refresh wardrobe to include a more uptodate look. Anything goes as well, should you want to go for a long version or boxy look

A classic cashmere jumper you love is an essential

A great investment must have is a good Cashmere jumper – its always best to ensure your cashmere is in a neutral or shade and an easy fit. This way your cashmee jumper will be easily worn with everything. Finally make sure you look after it as it will serve you well for many years.

What are the best trainers or sneakers

They will not be going away anytime soon and you should definately invest in a comfortable pair of trainers which will fit you well and can be worn with everything – Classic White are a safe bet, but also we found a metalic gold will also work with most of your wardrobe.

Classic comfortable winter boots are a must have

A pair of knee-high boots will loyally serve you season after season so they’re worth the investment. Choose between slouchy styles or tight, over-the-knee pull-ons and match them with dresses and skirts for a look that will take you effortlessly from day to night. classic styles will guide you in the right direction. You can’t really go wrong with a comfortable, durable pair of ankle or knee-high boots. As boot lovers but if you’re aiming for a very minimalist capsule wardrobe, really consider how the rest of your wardrobe will work with the style you choose. 

A Classic Winter Coat you must invest as your Winter Wardrobe Staple

Most brands today have a classic offering and for good reason. To look effortless and stylish you will need an extra layer and one of the best options is reaching for a classic wool coat. Our favorites this year are the Taupe Wool Classic by InWear and a timeless Camel by EMME. Having a Trench Coat might double as your raincoat depending on fabric but it’s also one of the best classic options. Having a cinched in waist and an option of a belt gives a tailored structured look with fit and flare which is very flattering.

Gift wrap yourself against the Chill with beautiful outerwear

Whoohoa suddenly the temprature has become very changeable and we are feeling a chill and crispness in the air. Coat season is almost apon us so lets take a quick look at what outerwear is trending on the high street. Faux Suede and sherling, classic camel, giant checks, quilted jackets and coats and you will have probably seen the most obvious look which is Oversized Outerwear.

NEWIN Autum 2023
best winter coats for women
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