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french connection


French Connection was founded in 1972 by Stephen Marks and Nicole Farhi a French Fashion Designer who was Head of Design.

Nicole created a clothing line of timeless classics of quality, understated elegance also using luxurious fabrics.

Her relaxed classic staples became her signature look understandably putting French Connection on the map. So it is no surprise the company soon became known as the goto premium clothing brand.

As a result of Nicole’s reputation, developed her own line within the company and in 1982 went on to develop her own lable. Nicole then launched a collection of sporty, easy pieces under the name FARHI. Re-launched as FARHI by Nicole Farhi following the break up with Stephen Marks.

Nicole Fahri

FCUKWhere did it all start?

The abbreviation FCUK was born after Trevor Beattie visited the offices and noticed the abbreviation FCHK on an internal memo, standing for French Connection Hong Kong. From this, Beattie suggested the brand use FCUK, standing for French Connection United Kingdom. In the spring of ’97 a controversial ad campaign featuring the simple line ‘fcuk fashion’ hit the headlines becoming a universally recognised great fashion moment and the rest as they say, is history.

The Turnaround

French Connection shares jumped after entrepreneur made a bid In 2021. The company was sold and aquired by MIP Holdings the confidence in the brand started to grow. The new owners closed many retail stores so to slim down the costs another key point was a change in the old design team. The introduction of competitive pricing and another key point was to maintain designe quality products which stands the test of time. An identity of eco-conscious pieces and more importantly bringing back the initial identity of the brand was first lauched in the 1970’s.

Helen Gallagher is a visionary and experienced designer who has recently joined French Connection as Head Designer from Mint Velvet. Mint Velvet is a well known Britsh womans wear clothing success story so for that reason it is very exciting to have her at the helm.

Spring 2024 Collection

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