What to Wear for a Delightful and Fabulous Spring Citybreak Weekend

Love citybreak

We Love a Citybreak!! So what to wear for a delightful and fabulous Spring Citybreak Weekend? You are excited to just jet off getaway and recharge with a change of Sceanery and with a bit of luck some heat and sunshine. Being a spring break is likely you will have warm days to stroll and site see but it will most likely still be chilly at night – the difficulty is what to figure out what to wear for changeable weather and to ram it all in a stupidly small overnight bag. So here are a few well practiced tips for what to pack for a spring city break.

A few weeks before you go away for a fabulous Citybreak it will be a good idea to think about is the essentials. ALWAYS pack less than you think you need – as we ALWAYS seem to return from our trip having not worn everything packed. These days as we are up against a 15kg pack limit so it gets expensive to pay for extra luggage and these days you simply cannot empty the entire contents of your wardrobe into your suitcase and hope for the best.

The Essential Citybreak Wardrobe

What clothes to pack for a 3 day city break and in what order to wear them? Over the years I have learned to wear the heavist clothes when you are on the flight. Jacket, Blazer, Jeans Jumper and Trainers usually ticks the boxes.

Make a note of what you might be doing during your trip. Will your citybreak mainly be sightseeing or are you planning of musical evenings or just a mini relax in the sun? It would be a good idea to lay out the clothes you plan to take with you and remove anything which is doubling up and not necessary. Remember to think about your colour palette, I usually keep it netural so all of your pack will work well with everything else and inject just a little bit of just one colour.

  • Jacket Blazer
  • Mac or waterproof
  • Warm Jumper or Cardigan
  • Comfortable Walking Shoes
  • Jeans
  • Layering
  • Dress, Skirt or Palatzo
  • T shirt and Blouse

Trench Coat Jackets and Blazers at the ready

Trench coats, leather jackets, denim jackets and waterproof macs – not to be worn all at the same time as much depends on where you are going. Might be best to wear coat and jacket on the flight, and probably best to choose a shower or waterproof mac for a Spring Citybreak just in case of the odd shower.

Spring jacket is going to be up in your every day, so choose it wisely, make sure it fits right and goes with everything you’re taking.

A good classic is always the perfect choice and you can’t go wrong – pick a classic denim and if that feels too daytime go for a linen jacket they’re good for going for drinks in the evening too.

Always take a Jumper or Cardigan on your Citybreak

Not everyone will agree, but I think it is always a good idea to take a warm jumper or cardigan on every trip; even if you are heading for a very hot destination as the chances are air conditioning will be a chilly contrast. You can wear on the flight with you, save on weight and packing space and pick a neutral colour so it will go with everything.

Trainers or Shoes you can walk in all day

It is very likely you will find your citybreak is often best enjoyed on foot so having comfortable, appropriate and seasonal footwear with you that will ensure you can walk a lot of steps from day to evening is essential. Its very likely you will be pounding cobbled city streets and in all weathers and you need to keep cheerfully mobile without blisters. Trainers are the usual go to option however take along another couple of options which are smarter for evenings or day casual.

Jeans Chinos and Linen Trousers are a must for Citybreak lovers

Once I discovered PartTwo Hela High Waisted Mom’s jeans I have never looked back and wear every single time. They are super comfortable (wear on flight) go with anything T-shirts, jumpers jackets and scarves. Flats, Trainers or Heels – A no brainer and a lifesaver. A couple of challengersfor the Mom jeans this spring summer and one to spy on is the classic high waisted wide leg linen trousers – they are divine and very flattering. If you are not loving the wide leg look then our next contender is the cotton classic chinos – and our customers absolutley love them.

Layers are your friend

No matter what the weather, layers are here to save us and should always be taken on every citybreak. When the sun goes down you can be caught out in an artic chill. So to have an little cami or an ultra thin long sleeved layer is a total joy. It gives you a surprising extra layer of warmth which can be worn under dresses without being noticeable.

Dressup on your Citybreak with a Skirt, Dress or Palatzo

So the sun is shining and wearing a easy linen dress with trainers will ensure you will arrive in style. Balance off the look with an oversized denim jacket or cardi and you head off for cocktails just before a romantic supper. Skirts are becoming very popular and you can create day or evening looks depending on your tops.

Linen Daydress is a great option for any Citybreak

I am a huge fan of the easy to wear Linen dresses and this year we are spoiled for choice from a neat classic knee length dresses to oversized shirt dresses to long length – whatever you feel comfortable in a linen dress is a new must have.

A T-shirt and blouse

Unless you are off to somewhere exceptional, it would be best to take one T shirt and one easy to wear Blouse which would complement every outfit.