Corduroy Comeback

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Corduroy has been out of circulation for some time, after reaching its height of popularity as the anti establishment fabric in the late 60’s it became, I dare say, a must have for the coolest of chicks from the 70’s.

But since those heady retro days this trend has stormed the fashion industry making a HUGE comeback captivating the attention of the trendsetters once again.

You may have already started to notice a lot more corduroy around and yes you are right the once not so cool is now officially COOL

Many of our Customers work and live outside London in the gorgeous Sussex countryside, so rely on their wardrobes to be honest and practical. So a Corduroy Comeback coming from the capital this Autumn has been nothing short of a celebration it also means suddenly we are all VERY relevant who would have guessed?.

Corduroy Trousers

So now you know this seasonal showstopper is a pair of corduroy trousers – A MUST HAVE chic alternative to jeans. Based on this Autumn trend we have been busy trying on as many pairs of trousers on your behalf to save you trawling around the high street and internet. Here are a few of our favorites which are the best fit and the best value for money.

Corduroy Dresses

The fabric is thicker than many other options making it an ideal choice for cooler tempratures we experience especially as the days start getting shorter. Corduroy dresses are practical and comfortable to wear and are very much established on the London Fashion Trend Scene for 2023 …

Whatever shape you decide upon, Luella and PartTwo have two great knee length zip up long sleeve dresses, great to wear with tights and boots when the temprature drops.