Mastering The Art of Loungewear you will Absolutely Love

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So how easy is it to master the art of looking stylish in loungewear? Once confined to wearing at home, but bring on lockdown, it was not going to be too long before you could wear loungewear outside. Just a few years ago it was unthinkable to wear trainers with dresses and now its just the new mainstay. Designers looked at reconsidering Loungewear bringing the concept of leisure back into our wardrobes. Looks which transcends trend cycles and not attributed to a particular season alone.

Inspired by effortless comfort a look was founded which blurred the lines between fashion culture and comfort. Affordable and a guilt free wardrobe, you can find a way of getting the very most of every item you purchase. The key to keeping your sporty outfits polished is to hone in on one sports-inspired piece in particular. Remember how we all are wearing couture dresses with trainers? with this look try an oversized sweatshirt with jeans, or an oversized hoodie with jeans and smart jacket or coat. A look which has emerged as something of a model-off-duty uniform – and one that boasts just the right amount of varsity attitude.

How To Mix your Loungewear Styles To Create a Fashion Forward Look

By mixing styles which are super basic and comfortable but somehow look put together in a fresh and cool look. Many brands have been stepping into luxe sportswear mixing loungewear items with their favorite coat or jacket. Stylist features a few great tips and have been stepping into luxe sportwear offerings such as stripes down the outide of joggers and with branded logos. However is you really want to nail this new loungewear trend it is all a matter of simplicity and balance. For instance mastering the jersey sweatpants look will be very chic when paired ortwith an oversized blazer and heels. A hoodie over a white shirt jeans and trainers. So its about mixing up individual pieces of a different personality.

One of my favorite loungewear looks is to pull on jogger pants, hightop trainers, hoodie and a sleek taylored jacket – it takes you anywhere and you will look great when you are out and about.