What are the 4 Most Popular Types of Jeans in 2022

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types of jeans
types of jeans

Just about anything goes with Jeans at the moment – the look is high waisted and cropped to ankle length. The main change throught all of the jean shapes is the waist is now high – Skinny jeans are still one of our favourites however there are a few jean shapes which are making a long awaited comeback.

1. Mom Jeans

The first real comback are a slouchy high waisted jeans which are called Mom jeans – they feature a high waist, baggy legs, and are typically ankle length. They were very popular in the ’80s and ’90s and they are the feminine version of the predated boyfriend jeans. This slouchy silhouette type of jeans tend to make you look taller, even for the most petite of women and will look great on any figure, in particular Pear or Hourglass shapes. Believe it or not you look far slimmer wearing Mom jeans but I admit it will take a while to get used to wearing a baggier jean.

They are fantastically comfortable and provide a relaxed opposite to skinny jeans. While you can’t go wrong with popular blue mom jeans, you can also find them in black, acid wash, and even ripped variations, all of which are trendy options for your outfit. With a wide selection to choose from, you’ll surely meet your perfect denim match by going with mom jeans. Pair with high rise trainers, heels or ankle boots crop tops or a tucked-in T-shirts. Layer up with Leather Jacket, or a Classic Jacket to complete the modern look.

Its taken a few months for most of us to catch on to this new type of jeans shape, but once hooked you will wonder why you ever wore anything else. PartTwo have introduced their version of Mom Jeans called Hela Jeans and just about every customer is loving the new shape and look.

2. Wide Leg Jeans

Another type of jeans which is a huge trend at the moment is the high rise, wide leg jeans. The cut are classic wide and straight throughout the leg with a high waist – the latest version of this type of jean is to be slightly cropped. This type of jean is inherently comfy and a perfect way to slip back into jeans after the post pandemic. That said they are gathering momentum because they look stylish and classic 70’s, look great pairing for your back-to-work look with jackets and blazers or dressing down for the weekend. Very flattering for Pair shape ladies

3. Skinny Slim Fit Jeans

For many of us we will never give up on our Skinny jeans as they have been main staple for almost 10 years. These jeans are tight-fitting throughout the leg, from the thigh down to the ankle. They’re usually made with stretch denim so that the wearer can get them off and on easily. They are skin-tight like leggings which are more form-fitting and adhere to your curves. The latest version are slightly less skin tight and called SLIM LEG and are more high rise. PartTwo continue to produce the Alice Jeans as well as OUI Newport Slim Leg.

4. Flared Jeans

Flared Jeans are the latest must have type of jeans every woman should have in her wardrobel. Otherwise known as Bell-bottom jeans which have a straight fit through the thigh and flare out quite significantly from the knee. They are also one of the most flattering styles and types of jeans for women as it manages to balance out your figure and this modern flare adds a graceful, curved silhouette that can accentuate your feminine figure. The flare also adds length to your legs because it doesn’t cut off your natural lines by stopping at the ankles as skinny jeans do.