The Knitted Tank Top is Back

The Tank Top is another 70’s fashion favourite knitted staple which has returned it is where cosy meets chic with a variety of sleeveless jumpers knitted vests otherwise known as a knitted Tank. At this time of year when the seasons are changing we find this is the perfect most hard wearing item in your wardrobe. The silhouette that has become a must-have for its layering potential and it brings a retro, nostalgic vibe.

How to wear a knitted tank top

NoaNoa Knitted Tank
NoaNoa Knitted vest in Pink

A retro comeback which is most popular of all sweater vest looks, is a NoaNoa stripe Knitted Vest. This look adds warmth and one of the simplest to create a modern and relaxed outfit. Just wear a smart any coloured sweater vest, a simple shirt and add a pair of nice straight legged jeans, corduroys or cargo pants and you’re ready to rock and roll. This outfit is so simple, yet so effective. These sleeveless knits, are supremely snug and endlessly wearable. Tank tops are great for layering under light jackets and blazers.

Another option is to wear a tank over a dress. At the moment the fashion has been for long boho dresses. Instead of wearing a cardigan with your dress; make the look more modern pop over a Tank Top.

Cashmere Knitted Vests

Every woman needs a luxury uniquely soft Cashmere Knitted Tank. If you are going to wear a cashmere vest, make sure it’s classy and pick out a neutral shade as it’s more versile and very flattering to wear over dresses, skirts simple shirts. It’s the stylish answer to the ongoing dilemma of smart casual dress codes.  Wearing a Cashmere sleeveless pullover will immediately smarten up your outfit and will take you to more sophisticated events.