Top 10 fashion Tips For Women You Must Know

Fashion Tips for Women

Have you ever wondered why some women look just so put together and with seemingly little effort? What Fashion Tips apply to them to look so Effortlessly chic with a thrown together and very cool? While trends come and go, there are a few basic Fashion Tips which are essential.

With a few handy Fashion Tips it will revolutionise the way that you dress and you will be sure to look fabulous every time you step out of the house. Our styling specialist at JoJo Boutique breaks down the top 10 fashion tips you must know.

The top 10 fashion tips are:-

10. Wear the right footwear

It’s no secret that women adore shoes and given the opportunity we would happily uplift our mood with a new pair of shoes. But you do not have to buy hundreds of pairs, just a few classics. So lets put your best foot forward and here are my Fashion Tips for rules for shoes:

  • Dont buy shoes which are uncomfortable. Even if you love them the chances are you will hardly wear them because they are so uncomfortable.
  • Look after your shoes Bin all of your old scuffed, damaged shoes which look worse for wear. It speaks volumes about your personal style
  • Say no to stilletos for a garden party.. it will be difficult to walk when your heels keep sinking into the ground, and you’ll ruin your shoes. Flats are fine, but if you want height, wedges are an ideal option.
  • Selecting Courts A pair of court stilletos should not be too high stick to standard colours such as black, grey, navy or brown.
  • Be Seasonal appropiate – Flip Flops, Sandals, Espridralls and flats for Summer and Boots, snow boots and trekking boots for winter and hard wearing activity.
  • Avoid strick colour matching – It is extremely outdated and its best to go nude or black or pick out a different shade of your outfit.
  • Trainers or Sneakers – Gone are the days when trainers were only for the gym, they have broken free and the trend is here to stay. Overhall and update your look with our Fashion trainers which you can wear with long dresses, jeans, cropped pants, leather jackets, long coats

9. Have a well managed wardrobe

Clothes need breathing room! You should know what you have and be able to see every item without rummaging so you can you create a great outfit everytime.

Editing your wardrobe is essential and you should try and make time to organise your wardrobe by removing all the items which do not fit you anymore or which you have not worn for a year or two. It is so easy to forget those items which you have just hung onto for decades and never worn which are just using up valuable space. When you have decided which to keep hang up and fold the rest into categories as this will help you see inspire and visualise what to wear.

Fashion Tips for sorting your wardrobe
Fashion Tips for sorting your wardrobe

8. Wear the right underwear


A quick and easy way to add a little modesty when needed. Camisoles can also function as an extra layer under sweaters for chillier days.

  • Nude cami: A nude cami is perfect for a little extra coverage under blouses and button-ups. Sticking to a camisole close to your skin tone will keep it barely noticeable.
  • White and black cami: Need that plunging neckline to come back up a bit? A black cami can add a few inches without sacrificing the look.

High waisted underwear that have a large elastic band that sits flat against the waist. Do NOT get the flimsy underwear with the light elastic at the top, or it will start to roll down after a few wears. Also, try to choose underwear that’s higher on the leg, and steer clear of boy-cuts.

  • Thong: In the case of clingy fabrics versus visible panty lines, thongs are clearly the winner. Be sure to invest in well-fitting pieces.
  • Bikinis: Bikini panties typically have a higher leg cut than briefs and are great for everyday wear, like underneath loose jeans and skirts.
  • Briefs: Briefs offer a little more coverage and are also a great everyday basic under flowy skirts and more.

First things first, get yourself properly measured. Find the right fit from the start and leave the prodding wires, gaping cups, and overflow behind.

  • T-shirt bra: Perhaps the most essential bra to have in your drawer, the t-shirt bra should be a comfortable and versatile that works with most of your clothes.
  • Lacy feminine bra: A beautiful lace bra is not only a must for under blouses and as lingerie, but also looks fabulous paired with a sheer top and high-waisted pants.
  • Plunge bra:  Have at least one plunge bra to avoid your undergarment from peeking through under a low-cut top.

7. Accessorise your outfit correctly

Accessories have the power to transform your look from good to great so it’s important to invest in a few good accessories and wear finishing touch.

  • Less is more – keep statement jewllery limited
  • Wear ethnic jewllery on plain clothing
  • Invest in a beautiful handbag
  • Keep your eyewear relevant
  • Scarves to reinvent

Whether it’s something as simple as a belt or as decadent as lashings of necklaces, accessories transform your look from good to great. Therefore, it’s important to invest in good accessories and remember to wear them.

6. Less is More

Do not overclutter your outfit; keep things simple.

Showing just the right amount of skin is essential to creating a stunning evening ensemble. To ensure that you nail the right look, try showing off just one part of your body. If your best feature is your legs, opt for a long-sleeve, high-neck mini dress. If you want to show off your cleavage with a deep-V design, pick one that’s full-length. When in doubt, try revealing less, not more. Too much skin will often look a little trashy while hardly any can still appear elegant.

However, don’t be afraid to make the most of the knowledge of what suits you. All of the most stylish women in the world keep it simple, they know what they look good in and they stick to this formula when they’re choosing new pieces.

5. Forget old traditional rules and Matchy Matchy

Fashion Tips on how to dress today
Fashion Tips on how to dress today

Once we would make sure matching your handbag to your shoes was essential, or anything bought as a set to be worn together was key to being stylish.

But Today we wear colors that enhance one another rather than “match” in the traditional sense. We have ditched classic dress combos of dress and tailored jacket. To instantly refresh your look our Fashion Tip is to wear leather biker jackets over feminine dresses clash textures and prints, never more than 2 prints together, stipes and florals, dresses over trousers and wear trainers outside of the gym.

Dont stick to traditional colour combinations – experiment a little by putting navy and burgandy or black and tan together. Take some time and see what works for you.

4. Your Capsule wardrobe

To be truly stylish does not take a huge budget and every woman should have these 10 key basics in her wardrobe. Make good, sensible decisions. Buy what you need, buy what makes you feel great and hold on to nothing more. Finally make sure each item FITS you properly. These Simple Fashion Tips to invest in a few timeless reliable wardrobe staples will ensure you will look effortlessly chic wherever you go. You do not need to have an overwhelmingly huge wardrobe full of clothing. It is economical to invest in a few key items and wear properly.

  • Jeans – the best jeans to buy must fit properly. There are plenty of jean shapes to flatter any figure, from skinny, relaxed, straight leg, boot cut, flares, the boyfriend. High waist and Low.
  • Leather Jacket – classic which should be in every womans wardrobe, there is the leather biker jacket and leather blazer.
  • Little Black Dress – To have one black classic cut black dress is a must.
  • White shirt – Always maintain at least one chrisp WHITE shirt in your wardrobe.
  • A classic wool coat– It is important to showoff your coat; no one will see what you are wearing underneath, loungewear or an old sweater you don’t like too much – put a quality coat on and your look is transformed immediately.
  • Cashmere sweater – Buy a neutral colour good quality knit
  • A pair of trainers – Essential to keep the look fresh and updated
  • A pair of heeled courts – one pair in black and another in nude.
  • A pair of heeled sandals – you do not need to have high heels, but just a smart pair of sandals is a key ingredient.
  • A pair of Ankle boots – Wear with jeans, trousers dresses and skirts. If you are not wearing trainers then flip the look.

3. Clothes for older women

When we get older you can still look truly sexy but it involves knowing what to bare-and what to keep under wraps. We all know the matronly tipping point, it just sneaks up on us and here are few simple Fashion Tips and ideas for women over fifty:-

  • Are your arms svelte enough? Best to find a cap sleeve or one to the elbow.
  • Avoid Tucking in if you can.
  • No more crop tops
  • Bin your original vintage garments; if you wore it once it never is the same second time around.
  • Look for grown up alternatives of the latest trends
  • Look for jackets with some shape and not too long.
  • Do not wear anything which is too tight – tight trousers and jeans, shape dresses will only cling to you and show lumps you dont want to show off.
  • Carefull with the skirt or dress length and particularly with shorts as you will need toned legs to carry this off.
  • The neck and decolatage, our necks show our age, so try a deep V neck or a shirt with a collar to draw the eye away. A statement necklace also would be great.

2. Know your colour palet

One of the biggest mistakes women make is buying the latest trend colours when they really do not suit you. There are 4 seasons which determine the type and tone of colours which suit us best.

  • Spring : Warm, Light and Vibrant
  • Summer : Cool, Light and Muted
  • Autumn : Warm, Deep and Muted
  • Winter : Cool, Vibrant and Deep

1. The Golden Fashion Tip is to wear clothes to suit your body type.

Wearing colours which suit your skin and tone will brighten your overall appearance.

Getting to know your body shape is essential. Once you know then you can invest in styles which work best for you build your wardrobe to embrase your shape . The aim is to give us overall balance and once you have all the information, dressing your body shape becomes easy. 

Fashion Tips female body shapes
Fashion Tips female body shapes

APPLE – Your overall appearance is round especially around the waist which will be undefined, large and low, you may have love handles, medium bust, wide hips and your upper thighs are full.

HOURGLASS – Refered to as the ideal body shape. You will have a shapely balanced figure as your shoulders and hips are equal in width and you have a defined waist.

INVERTED TRIANGLE – You have proportionally broad shoulders, large bust and narrow hips.

PEAR – You have proportionally narrow shoulders and large hips with a well defined waist. A small to medium bust.

RECTANGLE – A straight boyish shape, your bust and hips are about the same and you have an undefined waist. You probably have a small or medium bust and proportionally slim legs and arms.